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C.U.L.T. R.O.S.E

C.U.L.T.  R.O.S.E “But he who dares not grasp the thorn… should never crave the rose”
For years he gazed in the reflection of her eyes trying to gasp the hidden past that she was afraid to share…. What was it that led him to her secretive mysteries…. Why did he feel the need to know what was concealed deep inside…. And  finally when it all was revealed why was it so hard for him to bare….. Why did he desire the rose and expect not to be grasp by the thorn
An innovative collaboration inspired by “broken Flowers” the great novelist R. M drake
Female Wardrobe: @aneesakiani
Male Wardrobe: @ziggimenswear
Jewellery: @aneesmalik_jewellery
Fashion Film: @rafyl
Photographer: @stopstyleofficial
Art Direction & styling: @hashimali90 assisted by @saquib_alvi
Hair & Makeup: @jawaadashraf assisted by @msmake_up
Female model: @zarapeerzada
Male models: @munsif_ali_khan & @aimalkhanofficial



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