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Explore the World Of KianE Haute Couture

Rejoicing the world of Haute Couture with Southern Asia and Persian Influences Kian-E Haute Couture Brings you exclusivity and innovative high fashion which you can enjoy on your special day.

Kian-E Haute Couture is an independent design label run by Senior Lecturer and Fashion Graduate Aneesa Kiani. A brand that promises exclusivity bespoke luxury bridal and high fashion tailored to your individual taste and needs.

The brand brings you the very best in Bridal couture and High Fashion Semi Formals that will compliment you for your special Day.

The brand offers you high fashion with southern asian and persian influences and all bookings are processed through a consultation making sure you get our experitise advice and attention to your bespoke requirments.

Creative Director: Aneesa Kiani

In 2009 After Graduating CEO Aneesa Kiani was instantly hired by an FE college as a senior Fashion Lecturer and her personal progression in the FE sector empowering young creatives was soon recognised. Whilst teaching Kiani curated her own Fashion Week which is a platform for young budding designers to showcase their talent with industry specialists and opportunities to be scouted by Fashion Scouts. This charity fundraiser is a highly successful annual event which is one of the many projects under Kiani as a creative head.
Empowering young creatives and networking with industry specialist encouraged her to follow her dreams which was to start her own independent label. In 2014 Kiani, promoted as a Subject Area Lead for Creative Arts in the FE Sector Felt it was the right time to develop her Brand and began with her Official Campaign Shooting with Pioneers Of South Asian Fashion Kiani was very lucky to shoot with renowned Ather Shahzaad and international model Zara Peerzada. Kiani’s first campaign made a mark in the south Asian fashion industry showing a new fresh outlook to this clientele as Kiani produced critically acclaimed bespoke collections with a focus on handcraft, establishing herself as a highly skilled designer with artisanal and technical expertise.
Today Kiani supervises the creative direction and development of all brand’s collection: Bridal, Catwalk , Semi Formal and Bespoke and manages the development and production of LFW.